Conversion and Theft

Have you ever felt startled when you first met someone ? I flinched, involuntarily, when Myra and I were introduced two years ago. Perhaps it was her black clothing, black eye make-up, and neck tattoos. It may also have been that I sensed an uneasiness about her.

My friend Heather and I had come to a Ladies’ Night at our local Salvation Army. Myra was the guest speaker for the evening; she had come to give her testimony about how she had become a born-again Christian.

Myra shared how her addiction to crack cocaine had resulted in lost relationships, two marriage break-ups and the loss of custody of her children. She said that she had stopped drug use, had repented, and had invited Jesus into her heart. She sang a moving rendition of ‘Amazing Grace.’

After Myra’s testimony, the ladies rejoiced with her, and we shared a time of refreshments and fellowship.

I saw Myra again three weeks ago, in criminal court. I attend court when it is in session, as a ‘Court Observer’. I go to observe, to make notes, and to pray for everyone who has come to court that day. I always pray silently, so as not to scare anyone.

Myra, according to the court docket, had broken into, and stolen , from several local establishments, including the Salvation Army.

I spoke to her before court, but we did not mention her testimony. Only God can read what is in someone’s heart. God offers us continued chances to repent and turn to Him. He loves us all, and recognizes that we are sinners, to some degree. We remember the mercy Jesus showed to the thief on the cross.

10 thoughts on “Conversion and Theft

  1. Good post, Sally! I obviously don’t know Myra’s heart and if she genuinely accepted Christ, but I do know we Christians can get very proud and sanctimonious about ourselves when we are just sinners without one single plea saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

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    1. Exactly Tom. And it is just that attitude that turns people away from Christ. I remember after leaving the Catholic Church how afraid I was to enter any Christian Church. And I’m a Christian. Imagine how it feels for ‘seeker ‘, exploring Christianity . Jesus came to seek out sinners. Sometimes we stumble and fall before authentic conversion takes place, and then conversion is an ongoing process, as the Lord shows us continued areas where we need to make changes in our lives. I feel compassion for those, who, through wrong choices, have ended up in court.

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    1. Thanks, Dawn. I see many people who have gotten into trouble . I pray also for wisdom for the lawyers, and the judge. Always reminds me of the fact that we will all face a higher judge one day. Jesus came to call sinners to repentance. 🤗

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