Cheese, Pride, and Ageism

Do you and your spouse or significant other sometimes disagree about food choices ?

My husband was enjoying a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast the other day. I pointed out to him that the cheese he was eating was made with modified milk ingredients, and not very healthy. I invited him to smell the delicious international breakfast I was eating. It was gluten-free oatmeal with rice milk made from Argentinian brown rice, fresh blueberries, and sprinklings of cardamom from India, ginger from Thailand, and freshly grated cinnamon grown in Sri Lanka.

Yes, I know, I was being prideful, and God hates a prideful attitude. ( I Peter 5:5).

My husband responded by saying : ‘At your age, what difference does it make what you eat ? ‘

It was an obvious ageist remark, made by a fellow old person, and right at our kitchen table !

I spent my career fighting against sexism and racism, and at that point , I realized that I now have an opportunity to become an activist against another rampant form of discrimination, that of ageism.

I reminded my husband that although my heart started beating 69 years ago, all of me is not that old, since parts of the human body renew themselves. Stomach lining cells are new every 5 days or so, while the liver renews itself every 300-500 days. Thus, I will continue to carefully nourish my body, as God grants me the privilege of growing older. The Lord is pleased when we feed ourselves and others lovingly.

I also learned that I need to be respectful of the food choices my husband makes. And God reminded me of the times I have chosen to eat home-made chocolate cupcakes for breakfast.

18 thoughts on “Cheese, Pride, and Ageism

      1. My wife would also get like that at times as she would try to improve my food choices. My doctor, too! But Iโ€™m eating pretty well these days.


      2. Congratulations, and keep it up ! My husband also is big fan of ketchup, I am not. I do most of the shopping, but he smuggles things in. His code phrase is : ‘I’m just going to get coffee. And he will come home with coffee and other ‘treats.’ ๐Ÿค—

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      3. RE: Treats

        Yeah, now that I hit my diet goal Iโ€™m getting just a tad liberal with the treats, but not enough to gain weight.


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