A Prayer For Roses

Do you like to buy somethings for yourself that others might consider luxury items?

Twice a month I buy roses from my friend Bonnie, a florist. The roses are beautiful, and they always remind me of the fleeting nature of life. I never did figure out the purpose of an artificial flower.

Bonnie’s roses come all the way to the seaside from Columbia. There, they are grown in huge greenhouses, in an ideal climate for producing these magnificent blooms. Most of the workers growing the roses are single mothers. During the production of the roses dozens of fungicides and pesticides are used to preserve the flowers. Theses chemicals negatively affect the women’s health, but that is of secondary concern to them when their children are hungry. The women often work in harsh conditions, in countries such as Columbia, where labour standards are difficult to enforce.

Would it be better to boycott buying roses from Columbia ? If we did that, the poverty of Columbian women would increase even more.

I continue to buy roses. As I enjoy them, I pray for the women who have grown them, and I continue to ask God for the grace to enjoy every moment of life as it passes.

11 thoughts on “A Prayer For Roses

  1. Thanks, Sally. Yes, there are many good things in this world that we enjoy (including our food, clothing, and this laptop I’m typing on) that are produced often under harsh conditions with a lot of hard, physical work on someone’s part. We can easily take so much for granted.

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  2. Great post and really great attitude, apptitude is visible only when there is the right attitude and you have it all.You also have a soft corner for human beings which you have inherited from God the father.Thanks for sharing.


  3. Those roses are beautiful! And it’s a blessing you are able to support and pray for the women of Columbia. I said a prayer for them too. 💕


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