Nutmeg, Boredom, and a Snail

Do you know of anyone who complains a lot about being bored ? Our overstimulated, media-rich world has resulted in many stressed, tense individuals who suffer from chronic, low-grade boredom.

This is not the case here, in our slow moving village perched on the North Atlantic.

The other day, I was busy organizing my spices. I noticed that the tin of nutmeg did not have much of a smell. I saw that according to the tin, it had expired on December 8, 2016. I experienced another brief moment of ‘housewife’s failure’, before I discarded the tin and added nutmeg to my shopping list. Thereafter, I spent a delightful time researching nutmeg, and how it is grown on the islands of Indonesia. I read about how the Dutch traded the island of Manhattan to the British, in exchange for a nutmeg producing island in Indonesia.

By this time, my laundry was finished washing, and I hung it on the line, noticing the shapes of fluffy clouds that were moving east. I saw a snail moving on the ground, and observed it closely as it carried its shell. It was moving its tiny green antlers. Snails really do move slowly !

These are just some of the highlights of a wonderful day. Christians should never experience boredom. In the words of a poem I learned in Grade 1 : ‘ The world is filled with so many good things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as Kings ‘. ( or Queens)

13 thoughts on “Nutmeg, Boredom, and a Snail

  1. Good one, Sally! A couple of weeks ago my wife and I “discovered” a restaurant in a very quaint hamlet right on the shore of Lake Ontario. We had a nice lunch and today we went back for a great dinner. We’ll be looking to move from our house to a condo in the next few years and finding one that’s tucked in a little out-of-the-way hamlet along the lake would be a dream come true for my wife.

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  2. The snail is a symbol of slow steady movement forward …This implies patience , far-sight and wisdom …
    Great things could be achieved in persistence, consistency of effort and patience …

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      1. Here , where I live in a Mediterranean area ;, I do not see snails moving in Summer because it rarely rains in July and August …but in the end of September , And in Autumn and winter, the snails get out and start moving in the rainy months …


  3. I think the only time I experience boredom, or think I’m bored, is when I’m depressed, but I can’t control that. It’s a symptom of the rollercoaster ride going on inside my body. It’s strange though, how depression can feel so much like boredom or discontent. It’s more than that. It’s the apathy that really gets to me because I’m not an apathetic person. Thankfully I’ve been doing a lot better lately. I’m hoping that things are turning around, but even if I do experience depression, I want to be thankful for everything God gives me. Some lessons definitely test that. 🙂


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