Tammy Put the Sandwich in the Fridge

Do you sometimes like to go for lunch, or for a coffee, or tea , by yourself ?

I was sitting in Mifflin’s, my favourite tea room, enjoying the ambiance, and the pot of perfectly brewed Spice Chai tea , served in a beautiful China tea pot. Sometimes I come here alone, for a change of pace.

I was observing Tammy, a server, dealing with the customers. Two ladies walked up to the dessert counter, and one of them asked loudly: ‘Is your blueberry cheesecake made from SCRATCH? ‘

Tammy assured her that everything is homemade at the tea room. The other woman said, without looking at Tammy : ‘I’ll take tea, EARL GREY!’

The ladies sat down and immediately looked at their phones, ignoring their beautiful surroundings.

I watched another tourist ask Tammy, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, : ‘ Could you please put the rest of my sandwich in the fridge? I’m just going to browse in some of the shops, and I’ll come back to finish it later.’ Of course, Tammy put the sandwich in the fridge.

We can tell much about people by the way they treat those who serve them. We always remember that Jesus came to serve, and not be served.

I finished my tea, and left a generous tip for Tammy. She is a single mom, and her youngest child is starting school in September.

13 thoughts on “Tammy Put the Sandwich in the Fridge

  1. Sometimes I go to a restaurant alone. I think it’s good when we can spend time alone with ourselves without feeling uncomfortable. I have seen people treat service workers really bad, it’s so disrespectful. I thank God for using you Sally to bring joy to Tammy’s day! πŸ’•πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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      1. I used to work in retail when I was in high school. I liked that kind of work but sometimes mean people would show up. I was always glad only the manager could do refunds because they would get so mad when they found out they needed a receipt to get their money back. I thought we were going to need mall security 😫

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      2. It was nice that you worked in retail and met a variety of people. I think that mean people need our prayers the most. I’ve also learned to hold on to receipts, just in case… Thanks for sharing. πŸ€—

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  2. Wow! It is difficult to serve people especially the ungrateful ones. I can bet that lady did not leave a tip for such excellent service. Thank God you have the heart of Jesus so your generosity made a difference in Tammy’s life. The Lord is calling us to a life of generosity. Thank you for sharing our day.


    1. Yes, Beverley. The ladies did not notice Tammy the server, or notice that she wore little earrings shaped like teapots. May God give us the grace to see and love everyone the way that He does. πŸ€—

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