Four Seasons and Petrichor

Are your mood and energy levels affected by the weather ?

Newfoundlanders joke that we can can experience four seasons in one day here. This means that the weather can change quickly and dramatically. It particularly affects people in fishing boats, who head out to sea often while it is still dark.

Our island is literally a large rock in the Atlantic, with sparse topsoil that can dry out quickly. After days of warm sunny gardening weather, it was overcast today, and the air was heavy. I accepted the fact that this was going to be a ‘slow’ day for me.

I was reading in my room and had the window open when it started to rain. Soon I could smell the pleasant earthy aroma of rain hitting the ground. Two scientists in Australia studied the chemical process that occurs when raindrops hit the ground. They named the pleasant smell of falling rain ‘petrichor’.

After the rain, the skies cleared and we experienced a dramatic display of sunshine and clouds.

Every day God showers us with blessings and favours. Let us ask for the grace to recognize the many gifts from our Father’s hands.

14 thoughts on “Four Seasons and Petrichor

  1. Really , where I live in Lebanon , tjere are four seasons …
    Here , rain is very rare in the summer especially in July and August but summer nights in the mountains could be cold though …
    But it rains mostly in Autumn and winter and the beginning of the spring …


  2. Unfortunately, due to a pulmonary condition, I lost my sense of smell several years ago but I remember how I used to love walking through the forest when it was raining. The smell of the peaty forest floor and pine needles was delicious.
    I’m enjoying hearing about life in Newfoundland. 😁


  3. We certainly need to be grateful for the many blessings that God has given us. The summer in the Caribbean is extremely hot, but today the Lord sends some rain to cool the temperature a little. I didn’t know that the unique smell of the earth when it rains has a name. Maybe you could share the link with us of the scientist research.


    1. Hi Beverley ! If you type ” petrichor” into a search engine, information comes up on how the two scientists fro Australia coined this term in 1964. Here in NL it has been foggy. I have been walking in the fog today, as this mist is good for the complexion. God sends many kinds of weather, according to his perfect will. πŸ€—


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