Karen Was Shocked

Karen, a new neighbour, came for a visit last week. She was shocked when she saw my kitchen ! I have no dishwasher, and I prefer to wash dishes by hand.

Karen is also a retiree, who has recently arrived in rural Newfoundland from Ontario. We had coffee ; people from the mainland seem to prefer coffee over tea. We enjoyed an interesting conversation, noting the joys of seaside living.

She asked me how I manage without a dishwasher. I explained that as a young mom I had had one, but I have discovered the meditative joys of hand dishwashing. The detergent I use is unscented, derived from plants, and has none of the harsh ingredients found in dishwasher detergents.

Hand dishwashing can be a mindful, relaxing activity. I enjoy the feeling of warm water on my hands , the feel of the dishes, and the little soap bubbles. It can be a stress relieving activity, as we focus only on the present.

I assured Karen that I read Martha Stewart’s guidelines on how to properly sanitize dishes when washing them by hand. I explained that we use less hydro this way, and we will not send a broken dishwasher to the dump one day as more toxic waste.

I shared with Karen that I also pray when I wash my dishes, thanking God for a home, running water, ample food , and a funny husband to share meals with.

I told Karen that lots of information is available online on the health benefits of washing dishes by hand.

Karen knows that she is welcome to visit anytime, and does not need to knock. The kitchen is the most important part of the house in rural Newfoundland.

24 thoughts on “Karen Was Shocked

  1. Wow! Your post’s made dishwashing by hands more honourable. Here in Pakistan you hardly found any dishwasher. We wash them by hands even in restaurants.
    Thanks for making it more enjoyable, healthier.πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

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  2. Thanks Sally 😊 I never knew this. I appreciate your informative post. I use Seventh Generation products sometimes. I also like Method.


      1. Yes definitely good to know because the chemicals enter our bodies. I’ve been getting into the natural products more since my daughter went vegan.


      2. For sure . I try to eat mostly vegan too. Here, fishermen fish for lobsters and crab, but those poor creatures have plastic from the ocean in them . I think that God is honoured when we are careful with our physical health, as our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit. πŸ€—

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      3. I never thought about plastic in the seafood but that makes sense. Thanks, you always enlighten me with new information. We should keep our bodies healthy, they are temples where the Holy Spirit abides.😊


  3. It is amazing that someone is shock to see you washing dishes by hand. In my part of the world it is the norm. You gave some wonderful benefits of handwashing and I totally agree with you.


  4. In a young adults’ fellowship I was in, several of the members of the group lived together. One of them commented one day that he didn’t think the invention of the dishwasher was necessarily “progress.” He spoke of the special times of fellowship when the guys would wash dishes together, rather than just deciding who’s turn it was to load the dishwasher.


  5. Good one! We have a dishwasher but I also enjoy washing pots and pans and other oddballs in the sink – a tip of the hat to my professional potwasher days.


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