Lessons From An Earring

Before my husband and I became Christians, we were enslaved by materialism. This is a common form of spiritual bondage.

Years ago, we were sipping champagne in a jewellery store in the Caribbean Island of St. Martin. My husband bought me a beautiful pair of diamond ear studs, which I happily wore, until I lost one of them.

I bought another diamond to match the lost one, and had a jeweller re-set the diamonds into settings that were very secure. He assured me that it would be virtually impossible to lose these earrings.

Last week I touched my left ear lobe, and the earring was gone ! But the jeweller had promised….

Feeling sad , I got out my Swiffer mop to search for the earring. I felt like the woman in the Parable of the Lost Coin in Luke 15:8-9.

While I was mopping, the Holy Spirit reminded me that I was not yet entirely free from my attachment to jewellery. I remembered the times I had purchased jewellery over the internet, sight unseen, because it looked so sparkly !

By God’s grace, I found the lost earring, washed it and put the earrings in my jewellery case. My earlobes had been liberated !

I still wear jewellery, gifts from my husband, but for sure I have conquered the temptation of browsing for jewellery.

We are reminded in I Peter 3:4, that a gentle and quiet spirit is more desirable in God’s sight than the wearing of outward ornaments.

24 thoughts on “Lessons From An Earring

      1. I think as long as you are generous , honest and pure , it is okay to be and do your best to improve your economic circumstances but do not get so attached to material wealth …
        When your cup overflows, you could give and help more …


  1. Thanks for the good post! As an unbeliever, and even at times as a believer, my β€œhappiness” was based on possessions, but, oh, what a flimsy foundation.

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  2. Great post. I too was once enslaved by materialism. I was addicted to kitchen gadgets, but thank God I am liberated. It is wonderful to be free. ☺


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