Tea, Hugs, and Triangles

The air was fragrant with the aroma of the licorice spice tea that I was brewing, when my neighbour, Doreen stopped by.

Rural Newfoundlanders are hospitable, and people often come to our house; most enter without knocking.

Doreen was ‘curious’, wondering if we had found a new church home. She knew we had left The Church last year. I told her that we were having an uplifting time exploring new congregations in our town.

After our visit, I thought about the last church group we had visited. The members were very friendly, everyone welcomed us with huge hugs. The hugging continued mid-way during the worship service, when the pastor invited us to greet each other. More hugs were exchanged before we parted at the end of the Sunday service.

The music was very lively, and everyone was encouraged to join along. People played various rhythm instruments. I felt very sentimental and almost cried when my husband and I were given triangles to play. We had both played in Kindergarten rhythm bands, and we both had played triangles. We have so much in common.

We enjoyed our time worshipping with these friendly Christians, and the experience made us aware of the different ways Christians worship God. We are still exploring other local churches, and are confident that the Lord will show us where our spiritual journey will continue.

13 thoughts on “Tea, Hugs, and Triangles

  1. It is so good to fellowship with the believers. I am so glad you enjoyed the service and I hope that the Lord will lead you in the church that is right for you.


  2. Praying the Lord will bless your experience. We did the same thing twenty years ago. The Lord is good in His sovereign will to be with His people and show us where He wants us to serve Him. 🙂


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