A Secret Fear

How well do you know your husband, wife, or significant other ? Even the closest of couples may keep some secrets from each other.

When we got married, my husband announced that he did not like going to barbershops, and he asked me if I would become his hairstylist. I agreed , since it was a chance to pamper my husband, and save money !

Thus for 44 years , I have kept my husband looking handsome and well-groomed.

I was surprised the other day , when I was trimming his hair, and he was watching for whales. He thanked me for having been his hairstylist , and told me he avoided barbershops because he was afraid of mirrors ! I had never known this ! Fear, or phobia of mirrors is called Catoptrophobia. The reasons for this fear are not well understood.

We all have areas of fear and anxiety that we don’t want others to know about. However, Jesus desires to heal us of these areas of discomfort. We are assured that He desires to keep us in perfect peace, as we trust Him and stay focused on Him.

I checked with my husband before posting this, since I wanted to make sure that I didn’t embarrass him by revealing his fear. He said ‘ At my age, nothing embarrasses me ! ‘

22 thoughts on “A Secret Fear

  1. Never heard about phobia of mirrors, but i do feel bad in the small places which ones are closed, i also believe, that everyone has a little secret which we may share with time😊


  2. It’s amazing how many different phobias there are, most of which I’ve never heard of.
    Going by the photo, you’ve made a good job of hubby’s hair. My husband once shaved off his moustache and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t notice! 😁


  3. Your husband has a good head of hair, nice job!! I have lots of fears but mirrors aren’t one of them, however, I think lots of people have that fear…some of my friends won’t go to exercise classes that have mirrors!! Great blog!!


  4. This is such a beautiful post. Sometimes we held on to fear then when we finally release it we wonder what the fuss was about. Your husband is a great sport and that simple act of cutting his hair keeps your love flowing. 😊 Have a great day.

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  5. Good thing you could take care of his hair. Its looking well groomed. I’m afraid of the river. I feel dizzy looking at it especially big river. I was forced to River Niger by my aunt but I couldn’t go close nor look at it. There’s this feeling I was going to be carried away by it.


    1. Thanks, Florence. Yes, there are many people here on our island who also don’t like being close to the water. We all have different fears. I get anxious when I am in places like large shopping malls when they are busy.

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