Hysteria in the Fishing Village

The choir walked out of church; the priest was re-assigned, and the Bishop ordered an audit !

What had happened in the tiny fishing village of Bay de Verde, NL ?

The church’s bank account was almost empty, and with the Bishop’ s approval , the church organized a Los Vegas style gambling event called “Chase the Ace”.

Other churches on the island had raised funds this way; Newfoundlanders are notorious gamblers !

The event continued on a weekly basis for about one year, and the jackpot won was $733,000.

Now, after the windfall, problems arose, as church members quarelled about how the money should be spent ! Suspicions grew about the finance committee, and his Excellency ordered the election of a new committee handling the church’s money.

Several months after the gambling started, the town’s major employer, Quinlan Brothers, a fish processing plant , suffered a tragic fire, and hundreds of workers were left without work.

Were the fire, and the Los Vegas gambling in the Church in any way connected? Only God knows.

Bay de Verde, NL , now has many photos available on the internet, but for all the wrong reasons.

Let us pray for all the members of the Body of Christ, including those who are currently facing a clergy abuse crisis, and who consider gambling as a suitable form of entertainment for Christians.

13 thoughts on “Hysteria in the Fishing Village

    1. Yes, we have many issues with addictions, including gambling. Let us pray that the Lord heals people suffering with behaviours that are harmful. Thanks for reading. I am getting ready to enjoy the delicious citrus and banana smoothie you posted ! This encourages good health. πŸ€—

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      1. Hope you enjoy the smoothie. It is winter here in Australia so I always try to incorporate vitamin c to up the immune system. Had one this morning and made one for my son too. 😊

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  1. I pray the Lord will bring order to this situation in the name of Jesus and give conviction where needed for the church to do what is right in His eyes. Thanks for sharing this Sally. πŸ’›πŸ™πŸΏ

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  2. People have asked what’s the difference between gambling and investing in the stock market. The difference is, with gambling, in order for one person to win, another person has to lose. As Christians, we should be concerned with the welfare of others and looking for win-win scenarios, not “I-win-you-lose.”

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    1. Exactly, I fully agree. Lots of stories on the internet appeared on Chase the Ace, Bay de Verde. Thousands of people came to the church, but not to hear the good news of salvation, but for a chance to win the “jackpot”. Lots of families were left without basic necessities, as their family member spent money on Chase The Ace. When churches chose to blend in with the world like this, the church loses some of its moral authority. Jesus, a devout Jew, absolutely did not approve of gambling during his time on earth.

      Thanks for your wise comment. I greatly appreciate it.πŸ€—

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