When It’s Best to Remain Silent

Do you enjoy going out to dinner with friends ?

When we moved to the seashore, some friendly ladies invited me to dine with them at a local restaurant. Our delicious meals arrived, and conversation was flowing well. Suddenly I realized that the table talk had ceased, and all the ladies were looking at me.

Assessing the situation, I realized the ladies were finished their dinners and were waiting for me to finish, so they could order dessert. I eat slowly; it is a life-long habit.

Since, as Christians, our goal is to make people comfortable, I asked our kind server to bring me a styrofoam container to bring the rest of my dinner, traditional NL fish cakes, home.

I could have taken the opportunity to tell the ladies that people who eat slowly are generally slimmer than those who eat quickly. I might have reminded them that slower, mindful eating habits help the digestive process, but sometimes it is best to remain silent. Jesus asks us to treat others politely, and it is considered bad manners to comment on how much, how little, or how quickly someone is eating.

My new friends and I went on to enjoy many more restaurant meals together. I just always chose something small from the menu.

26 thoughts on “When It’s Best to Remain Silent

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Eating slow helps prevent over eating, and chewing food helps prevent too many words from spilling across the lips!! Maybe, you should just order dessert first!!??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Good post, Sally! Eating quickly unfortunately became a habit with me because of having to sit at the dinner table with five older sisters as they would be talking, talking, talking. I have a very obese sister-in-law who used to come over for dinner occasionally. She chewed every mouthful like it was her last. Super slowly. I wasnโ€™t obvious about it but it was amazing to watch her. Iโ€™ve never seen another person who derived soooo much pleasure from food.

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      1. You raise a good point. Newfoundland families traditionally were very large ; my friend has 12 siblings. Perhaps fast eating may have stemmed from the fear of having food stolen. Thanks for the insight.

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    1. Hi Pam – Thanks for your comment ! I took my cue from Queen Elizabeth II. When her Majesty is dining with others, when she puts down her utensils, that means that the meal has ended for everyone else. God blesses us with food and companions to dine with. ๐Ÿค—

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  3. Thanks for a pleasant article. I admit that knowing when to remain silent is a lesson that I could learn better. I also admit that my tendency to speak out when I might consider remaining silent is due to my experiences as an introvert. Hence, it is sometimes a reaction to my introverted nature. It is also due to my thoughts about how valuable it is for people to hear, โ€œthe gospel according to perryโ€. Just jesting here but it is important that truth be given a voice. Also important that we learn when to keep silent. Thanks again.


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