Whales and a Silk Scarf

We watch magnificent whales jumping and splashing in the ocean behind our house. Recently I was part of a huge lobby which pressured the government of Canada to pass a law prohibiting whales and dolphins to be held in captivity. Like you, I am against mistreatment of animals, and generally support animal rights groups such as PETA.

However, PETA and have agreed to disagree on the issue of my scarf. ( I only own one scarf). The scarf was made in France. It took 18 months to produce, from start to finish. I have enjoyed wearing this scarf, a gift from my husband, since 1999. It still looks brand new. However, PETA insists that I should be ashamed of myself for wearing my scarf, since it is made of silk. I should feel extreme remorse, since unborn silk moths were sacrificed in the making of silk.

I asked PETA if it were preferable that I buy many scarves made of polyester, a manmade material related to plastic. Such scarves are often manufactured by workers earning extremely low wages, in atrocious working conditions in third world countries.

I shall continue to lobby that all God’s creatures be treated humanely. However, I shall continue to wear my silk scarf, my husband’s gift to me.

6 thoughts on “Whales and a Silk Scarf

  1. I’m confused … If you were to stop wearing your scarf, what would that accomplish? Are these people as concerned for unborn humans as they are for unborn silk moths?
    (Keep wearing the scarf. It’s beautiful, and your husband is sweet.)

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    1. Thanks for commenting. I had quite a debate with PETA ! I’ve been a pro-life activist for years, and asked them what they felt about the issue. They sent a political response, saying that their mandate was only to defend animal life, not human life. Society has become very sad when an outcry is made to defend silkworms, but not unborn humans. Let us continue to pray for our hurting world.

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  2. I would wear the scarf. If you don’t wear it, then it would either be recycled to someone else to enjoy or end up in a landfill waiting to break down. Whichever option is chosen, the silk worms were already used to create it. I would enjoy it as long as you have it but not purchase a second one.

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