Pink Thread Around My Leg

I was shocked when I saw a pink thread wrapped around my leg ! I was sitting in the waiting room of my Doctor’s office , when I realized that the hem of my dress had become undone, and part of the thread was around my leg. At this point, there was nothing I could do but act nonchalant.

When I came home, I meticulously removed the thread and used it to re-sew the hem. I can never be accused of not re-cycling !

As I sewed, I thought of the woman in Matthew 9: 20-22, who was miraculously healed when she, through faith, touched the hem of the Lord’s garment.

Abba, Father God, loves us, and sees every cell of our bodies. Often it is frustrating as we wait for our prayers for healing for ourselves, or our loves ones to be answered. Let us ask for the grace to become more and more trusting, as Jesus often acts in ways we do not understand.

15 thoughts on “Pink Thread Around My Leg

  1. This story of the pink thread also reminded me of the “red thread,” the bloody sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross on Calvary for the sins of mankind, that’s woven throughout the entire Bible.

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      1. Ah well, pink, red and scarlet are all shades of red. Let us give thanks to Christ, our Saviour. Speaking of coffee, my husband and I suffered last week when our aged coffee maker that we had been nursing along finally stopped working. It was a few days before we could make the trip to a larger centre to buy a new Keurig coffeemaker. Life is back to normal now. 🤗

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      2. RE: Keurig
        Yes, my wife and I really enjoy our Keurig. I usually only have one cup during the week but on weekends I indulge with two! ☕️


  2. Amen. I just recently re-read one of my posts that refered to that very gal. I think that message was for me. Thanks for passing it on.


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