Anti-Aging Tip From Newfoundland

Did you know that handwriting has health benefits ? Research studies, available on the internet, show that cursive writing can improve mood, and that it is a soothing activity. It helps us to slow down, and fully engage with our thoughts.

Some schools, feeling that their curriculum is already too full, have stopped teaching cursive handwriting, but some are re-considering this, since there is evidence that teaching handwriting helps children, especially those suffering from dyslexia.

Research also shows that regular handwriting can reduce stress levels, and can help to keep older brains sharp.

While I continue to use anti-wrinkle cream, I am more concerned with avoiding cognitive decline.

I write in a prayer journal, in which I express my gratitude to God, and I keep a record of whom I am praying for. I choose my journals carefully, and write with a japanese calligraphy pen , which makes writing a pleasure. Usually I will doodle around the edges of the pages as well. Research shows that doodling can also provide stress relief ! Ultimately, any wholesome activity that reduces our stress levels will be beneficial in providing anti-aging benefits.

18 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Tip From Newfoundland

  1. You know, I go back and forth on the cursive. Whereas my daughter did learn cursive, she has not used it since third grade. If something is handwritten, itโ€™s supposed to be not done in cursive fir ease of reading.


  2. Wow! I didnโ€™t know handwriting had health benefits. Too bad we donโ€™t do it as much because we now have so much electronic communication. Thanks Sally! ๐ŸŒผ


  3. I didn’t know that handwriting had health benefits. I enjoy journaling as well. I’ve been writing out some of the Psalms. For some reason writing helps me to remember thing easier than if I just simply read it.

    I love your violet. Violets are very reminiscent to me. Both my mom and my grandma always had beautiful African Violets. I miss having plants, but one of our kitties will even chew on fake plants, so it was a sacrifice I had to make for their sake!


    1. Yes, kitties are adorable. Studies have shown that handwriting is relaxing, and for sure, it helps us to remember things as we write them. And it is nice to look at the prayers that we have recorded , and see the amazing ways God answers in his perfect timing.

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      1. Hmm… I never though of recording prayers. That’s a great way to remember what you’ve prayed for and how God has answered. Thanks for sharing. I’ll give this some more thought and consideration.


  4. You have beautiful handwriting! I love to write in my journal, and it’s usually in cursive (flows better). I hope they don’t stop teaching cursive in schools, because that would be a pity.

    God bless ๐Ÿ™‚


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