For Love of Mother

The universal fact that mothers make many sacrifices for their children is well-recognized. Sometimes children also make loving sacrifices for their mothers.

I completed my graduate studies part-time, but my program also had a residency requirement. This work was detailed and complex, and required times of silence for concentration.

My son, J.R. , helped me through this time. He would often bring his books into our little office, and read alongside of me. Or, he would draw funny cartoons, which we would laugh about at break times. I still have most of his drawings in albums.

When I finally graduated with my Doctorate, J.R. and I celebrated together. He knew how much he had helped me.

During my career, I was one of many lobbyists who worked to bring Pay Equity and Affirmative Action Programs into legislation in Ontario. Thus, my son’s generation, and the generation of his daughter, enjoy more equality of opportunities than did previous generations. May the Lord richly bless all children who lovingly encourage their mothers to achieve their goals.

9 thoughts on “For Love of Mother

  1. This is a wonderful example of the special bond between mother and son. Beautiful picture of you both at the end. Thank you for the excellent work that you had done to make life better for the younger generation. May we learn from your example and help to mold our young people. God bless you.

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