The Dangers of Consulting Dr. Google

I was alarmed when I looked at my arm and found a small circular area that was much lighter than my regular skin tone.

I immediately typed my symptoms into Google, and with Dr. Google’s help, I diagnosed my skin condition.

Then I made an appointment to consult with my kind and caring physician. I told him that I had a fungal skin infection ! He gently chuckled a bit before he carefully examined the spot on my arm. He informed me that I did not have an infection, but I did have a bit of sun damage.

In the future, I shall avoid any further consultations with Dr. Google, and I shall be more diligent about using sunscreen.

10 thoughts on “The Dangers of Consulting Dr. Google

  1. Lol! When we found out our identical twins have Down Syndrome I came home and googled Down Syndrome… needless to say I was so overwhelmed I shut it off and thought I am going to crises each bridge as we get to it!! Many bridges-PRAISE THE LORD- we did not have to cross!!!!

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  2. I think that most people who decide to google their symptoms end up thinking they are dying of something when they are not. I’ve also fallen into the trap of Doctors think I have MS and then googling everything about it when I don’t understand what the Doctor tells me … maybe I’m better off not knowing. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Oh yes! I suggest that you do not consult with Dr. Google next time. I have some patients who are constantly doing this and getting themselves into trouble. One of them diagnosed themselves with appendicitis and I had to warn the person against Dr. Google. Except I didn’t give him the title as you did.☺

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