Prayer For A Purse

I have one purse, and it is fifteen years old. I have no need of another purse, since this one looks practically brand new !

In my purse, I carry a 10 shekel coin from Israel. It reminds me to be careful with money. If God has entrusted us with money, He is pleased to see us using wisely.

I chose to “live simply, so that others may simply live”. Those are the words of Mahatma Gandhi.

Gandhi was attracted to Christ, but it was the hypocrisy of Christians that he observed which kept him from converting to Christianity.

I note that although I only own one purse, I always carry it in my left hand, just like Queen Elizabeth II.

7 thoughts on “Prayer For A Purse

  1. Good morning, Sally!

    RE: If God has entrusted us with money, He is pleased to see us using wisely.

    Yes, Christians know the warnings from God’s Word that the love of money is a snare, yet we often get caught up in the covetousness of the world. Thanks again for the good reminder.

    RE: Gandhi

    This topic is worthy of a post by itself. I’m going to ramble a bit, and I know you’re already aware of what I’m going to write, but this false version of (c)hristianity that Gandhi alluded to is frustrating. Yes, believers should be following the Lord in obedience and charity, but of course, with the sin nature that we still possess, we are going to fail. Praise the Lord for His grace and forgiveness! Non-Christians, like Gandhi, are aware of institutional (c)hristianity, which teaches that souls must merit their salvation by being “good.” They observe correctly that institutional (c)hristians fail at their religion miserably (even in daily subtleties) and hence the judgement that they are “hypocrites.” Gandhi wasn’t aware that everyone in the world is a sinner in need of the Savior. So, genuine Christians aren’t (or shouldn’t be) hypocrites. Our Good News! message is that we cannot possibly merit Heaven, which is why we accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior by faith alone. This misconception about Christianity is rife throughout the world because of the false, works-righteousness gospel of institutional (c)hristianity. If I could have peered into Hindu Gandhi’s heart, I could have proved to him he was a hypocrite as well.

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  2. Cute purse! I carry the same purse along time too, but you have me beat with 15 years! Lol.

    That’s so unfortunate that the hypocrisy of Christians keeps people away from Christ. But it’s a great example of why we must keep our eyes on Christ and know Him for ourselves. People are human and can disappoint us. I tell my daughter this often.

    Wonderful post with lots of meaning. Thanks Sally ❤️

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  3. I pretty much use one purse 99% of the time, but I do own two. Oh and also a third “dressy” clutch somewhere for the once every five years that I need it 🙂 I saw a humorous “summary” of the differences between men and women once … and for men it said something like “One wallet – one color – all year.”

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