A Prayer For Garbage

I noticed a receipt sitting on our desk, and carelessly tossed it into the garbage. A few minutes later my husband became agitated , and asked me if I had moved his receipt. He needed it to return some unsatisfactory products to a local store. I put on some gloves, and retrieved the receipt.

My experience with the garbage made we aware of the fact that over 15 million people around the world make a living by looking through garbage sites. In particular, I thought of the Coptic Christians in Egypt, who make a living by sorting garbage. They are called the Zabbaleen, which in Arabic means :

“The garbage people “.

I spent the rest of the day praying for everyone who spends days, and even years, looking through garbage for something that could be of value. And I prayed that all of us might become more attentive to the amount of garbage that we produce.

13 thoughts on “A Prayer For Garbage

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Sally. Our culture is solidly consumeristic with little regard for the waste. The Lord commands us to be good stewards and that has many, many applications.

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    1. Yes Tom, you are wise. That is why I only have one purse. Jesus said to his followers to carry no purse, when he sent them out to evangelize. My purse is 15 years old. And I always carry it in my left hand, just like Queen Elizabeth II 🤗

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  2. Dear Sally,

    I enjoy reading your blogs because I can relate to a few of them. This one made me chuckle with guilt as I too have had to retrieve receipts from my garbage. I’m smiling still.
    Thanks for being honest.

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  3. This is such a thoughtful post Sally! I’ve seen those documentaries on TV where you even see children at garbage dumps trying to find something they can sell. We are blessed! Thanks for bringing this to my attention so I can be more aware and not be wasteful.

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  4. I’ve been trying to “go green” as part of my minimalist journey. Having less paper means less things to keep track of and less waste in our landfills. At the bank, I now get email receipts. However, then I have digital clutter to go through.

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