Do You Have Peaceful Feet ?

As a self-taught reflexologist, I have been massaging my husband’s feet almost every day for forty years.

Healthy and happy feet promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Feet are mentioned often in the Bible. Mary anointed the Lord’s feet ( Luke 7: 36-50), and Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an act of humility and love.

In Ephesians 6:15, Christians are told to wear the gospel of peace on our feet.

We have the privilege and responsibility of bringing the peace and joy of the Lord wherever we go.

8 thoughts on “Do You Have Peaceful Feet ?

  1. Ironically at 49 years old I just went to the podiatrist for foot pain. I was worried because I had stepped on a nail earlier this year and thought perhaps cartilage had built up. “Nope” he said. “You have Fxxxxin’ high arches!” No joke, his words. He recommended monthly pedicures. I’m in!!!!

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  2. My feet are sore a lot. I live in a place that is always hot year round so I wear flip flops and sandals a lot. I think my feet don’t get enough support.

    What a wonderful analogy! We are to carry the gospel wherever we go through our words and even more through our actions! ❤️


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