Anti-Aging Tip From Newfoundland

George Bernard Shaw said that: ‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old ; we grow old because we stop playing.’ How true !

We are all children of God, and He encourages us to call him Abba, or “Daddy”. We approach Him with child-like faith. This means we enjoy being in the moment, and being playful, in whatever ways we enjoy.

I have been hooping since childhood. I purchased my current hoop at the Dollar Store for two dollars. How old am I now ? I am 68. Every moment, and every day, God gives us more opportunities to enjoy our lives. Each day is a precious gift from Him.

10 thoughts on “Anti-Aging Tip From Newfoundland

  1. I’ve always looked at hooping as one magical thing to do. I tried it once but it went down my feet before I could wriggle😀. My kids can hoop at least they leant how to at school. I wish I could buy one for myself. I’m sure it works the body well enough.

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  2. You look wonderful! 68 is not old and as long as the body keeps up with the brain you are in a good “hoop”. The air looks so clean and fresh. I don’t know where you will move but if it’s a city, you’d better bottle some of that air to take with you Sally!

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  3. Love your post and pic! Living with childlike wonder is a wonderful thing. It’s one of the reasons I chose “God’s kid” I don’t want to forget the wonder through even the hard times. Thanks so much for shining your light.

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