Blessings of A Sleepless Night

Angela’s eyes looked so sad and pleading, I could not say no to her request. I had just gotten comfortable on the airplane seat, with a tiny pillow and blanket, and was anticipating sleeping on the twelve hour flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto.

Then Angela asked me if I would mind trading seats with her. I agreed, got up, and followed her towards the back of the plane. Then I realized that Angela had been assigned the middle seat in the last row of the plane !

Turbulence is felt more at the back of an aircraft, and it is often noisy. A toddler was calling : “Mama! Mama !”. He echoed my sentiments exactly.

I sat down, between two large men, and realized that the seat did not recline ! It was a good opportunity to pray for the plane’s crew and passengers. I thanked God that He had let me walk where Jesus had walked, and He reminded me that it is more important to live as Jesus had lived.

When the plane landed, Angela came over, embraced me, and told me how well she had slept on the flight.

Sleep had eluded me that night, but God had blessed me. He always rewards every sacrifice we make, large or small, for love of our neighbour.

11 thoughts on “Blessings of A Sleepless Night

  1. You are a selfless person and very kind. I visited Israel in 2007. I loved it. I wanted to kiss the ground when I got to Tiberias, saw only cement near the airport. On my journey back from Tel Aviv, I was in the back (our whole group was in the back) and I was so exhausted having to be at the airport at 2 am for lengthy security checks, even though our flight wasn’t leaving until 6:30 am. I leaned on the dinner tray with my pillow and dozed off and on for hours. I could not hold my head up. It is such a long journey. Can’t imagine being sandwiched between those guys. That’s double punishment.


    1. Hi ! Nice to see you on here ! Both men on either side were Orthodox Jewish men, one was panicking and suffering from claustrophobia. Yes, the security checks are exhaustive. I wore my navy blue blazer with the crest on the pocket, and breezed right through….I think it made me look official….. Thanks for sharing.


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