A Healing Miracle in Newfoundland

We moved to rural Newfoundland in 2005, when my husband was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. He said that he wanted to spend the rest of his years in a quiet environment, looking over the sea to Ireland, the land of his ancestors.

We were greeted by warm-hearted and generous people in this community. They seemed to be having a competition to see who could be the friendliest !

The air is very pure here, and, at the seaside, the air is also filled with negative ions, which promote health and well-being. We bought a Golden Retriever puppy, Paris, who was loving, and funny.

In this quiet and peaceful environment, my husband began to feel stronger. By 2017, heart surgery techniques had advanced. We travelled to Ottawa, to Canada’s Heart Institute, where a brilliant heart surgeon , Dr. Boodhwani, repaired my husband’s heart.

Today, R.J. is healthy, fit, and optimistic. And, at age 76, he is even funnier than when we first met !

Thank-you, Newfoundland. We love you !

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