Why Annie Won’t Come For Tea

My friend Annie won’t come to my house for tea.

I understand her reasons , and thus , I am not offended.

Our house is located on a finger of land that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Water is visible from every window of our house. While we enjoy the icebergs, the sunsets, and the jumping whales, Annie does not feel comfortable being this close to the sea.

Annie is my age, and was born at home, in rural Newfoundland, during a snowstorm. Electricity and indoor plumbing did not arrive in rural Newfoundland until the 1970s.

Annie’s father, like the other men of her village, were fishermen. They left their families while it was still dark , to fish for cod in small wooden boats. The fish were sold to rich merchants for a pittance; the fishery in rural Newfoundland was a kind of slave labour.

Annie’s mother worried every day her husband was at sea. Several of her friends had tragically lost their husbands who were out fishing, and Annie had 10 siblings. Annie learned to worry from her mother.

I understand why Annie is not comfortable being so close to the sea. We meet for tea at our local tea shop instead. I tell Annie though, that worrying is learned behaviour, and it can also be unlearned. When we trust Jesus, we find increasing peace, as we know He promised to be with us always.

I never met Annie’s Dad, but I know he was a brave man. All fishermen are brave. Jesus knew this when he chose some of them to be his first disciples.

(Photo: Quincy Alivio, Unsplash)

9 thoughts on “Why Annie Won’t Come For Tea

  1. Thank you for that! I envisioned perfectly what you said!
    And amen to what you shared with your friend Annie 💕


  2. I’m like Annie. I’m terrified by water bodies. I feel dizzy looking at the sea. Have to hold someone right at the beach, if I happen to be pulled out there. Don’t know why. Right from when I was little. And this is why I don’t know how to swim up till now.


    1. Hi Florence , yes, it is interesting that many people feel like you do about the sea. Thanks for replying. It helps me to better understand why Annie won’t come for tea. I love your blog ! I read every post. Thanks !

      Liked by 1 person

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