I Should Have Bowed

Do you take full responsibility when you have made a mistake ? I do too. When we are wrong, we should admit it. This shows humility, and God gives grace to the humble.

However, I was not instructed by Fr. Joseph, on how to greet a Bishop. I didn’t know that when I met our Bishop that I was supposed to call him “Your Excellency”. Using correct church etiquette, I recently learned, I should have knelt, and kissed his ring. At the very least, I should have bowed to him.

Instead, I asked him rather loudly, why two priests disappeared, at the same time, without explanation, from our area.

I shall continue to work to improve my manners.

However, I do not remember reading in the Bible that Jesus asked to be called ” Your Excellency” , do you ?

Jesus came to serve, and not to be served. Let us ask God for the grace to follow our Lord’s example.

14 thoughts on “I Should Have Bowed

  1. I am not sure if you are serious or kidding about the expectation of a bow, a ring kiss, and calling someone “your excellency”. If serious, why on earth would a mere man, who would have people believe he is an agent of God, demand such a thing when Jesus Himself expressed humility?

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  2. Yes, after Christianity was adopted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, the church adopted the Roman imperial model and became throughly institutionalized. Bishops became “princes” of the church along with many other examples. I read an excellent book last year regarding the “Constantinian shift” of the church from the Biblical, spiritual model to the temporal, imperial model. This isn’t a fundamentalist polemic but was actually written by a liberal theologian.


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      1. Thanks, Sally, but it’s the Lord Who has put the desire in my heart to keep reading, researching, and writing. In the flesh, I would have given up years ago!


  3. I dated a Catholic, grew up a Jehovah’s Witnesses, and married a Proestant. I didn’t feel comfortable in the Catholic Church, my parents became very anti-religion after they disassociated from the JW’s. It rubbed off on me. God got me on his hook by using Andrew as the bait. 🙂 But I have a whole family (Mom, Dad, 3 brothers, an aunt and uncle, and cousins) who don’t know God. As my parents get older this becomes heavier on my heart.


  4. It is no longer required to bow, kneel, kiss his ring or address him as “Your Excellency”. This address is used when referring to him in a formal way, such as an introduction or addressing a letter or other communication to him.


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