A Housewife and Lululemon

My trip to the city to purchase Lululemon yoga pants was a little overwhelming. The store was crowded and rock music blared. I had expected spa music perhaps, to go with the “Namaste” environment.

No, I don’t do “yoga”. Christians are generally united in discouraging this practise because of the Hindu aspects associated it. I do many stretches during my housewifely duties, but none are named after cats, dogs, or trees.

I wanted the yoga pants because they apparently offer four-way stretch. They are also well-made

I purchase very few clothes, but when I buy something, it is generally a well-made item. My favourite blue blazer is 18 years old. Lululemon is a Canadian company. Mr. Chip Wilson , its founder, got himself in some trouble in the media recently , when he said that he does not design his clothing in larger sizes because they “cost too much to make”. Feminists responded in indignation, and rightly so !

I managed to escape the store, worn out from the confusion in there, but clutching my yoga pants in a fashionable designer bag.

When I got home I noticed that the pants were made in Vietnam ! Let us pray for garment workers everywhere. Often they work in difficult situations so that women can wear “designer” clothing.

And, I wrote an e-mail to Chip Wilson telling him that the Lululemon logo, which they claim represents the letter “A”, actually resembles the last letter in the Greek alphabet, the “Omega”. Christ is the Alpha, and the Omega. Let us thank him for clothing, and everyone involved in the production of clothing.

(Getty photo, Shutterstock)

4 thoughts on “A Housewife and Lululemon

  1. I always found super loud music to be unbelievably annoying..esp in teen stores. I told the manager at Hollister once..”You know she (my daughter) doesn’t have any money.. I do..so why are you chasing me outta here with that LOUD MUSIC!!!!????)

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  2. Good afternoon sunshine, i do yoga, but stretches are great as well, about clothes, you know, in my closed you can find many clothes, from 1 euro t shirt to 250euro dress, i dont by clothes very often, specialty expensive ones, i try to care well about them and to keep it in good shape, i still have some clothes when i was 16 and they are still in very good shape, the music bothers me, i can’t think, i need to stay calm to find out if i want this jeans or not😁❤️

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    1. I like your blog ! You are very intelligent. I think the loud music is there to confuse us. And also, when we are confused, we think less about prices and then we may spend more. Here in Newfoundland , we have one noisy grocery store and one quiet one. I always shop at the quiet store so I can concentrate on the prices. 🤗

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