Prayer and Press-on Nails

The noon hour is considered sacred time for rural Newfoundlanders. Business slows to a crawl, as most folks are at home having “me dinner”. I thought it would be a good time to buy paper towels on special at our local pharmacy/gambling casino.

There was only one lady waiting in line ! Nevertheless, it was a long wait, since the lady was making her purchase with a gift card, and my friend Lucy, the cashier, was trying, in great frustration, to figure out how much money the lady had on this card.

I deny being nosey, but I was fascinated and frightened by what the woman was purchasing. It was a set of very fancy press-on nails.

While waiting, I resisted the urge to tell the lady that those nails are toxic, and that she could injure her nails when she tried to remove them. I wanted to tell her that she could scare children and scratch people with those nails. I wanted to tell her that, as God’s creation, she was already precious and exquisitely beautiful .

But I said nothing, and silently prayed for her, and also for Lucy, who has arthritis and had been already standing at the cash register for almost three hours.

I am a guitarist, and thus , I must keep my finger nails very short. However, I do enjoy a touch of glamour out here by the sea. I wear the same shade of nail polish as Queen Elizabeth II. It is called ‘ballet slippers ‘, manufactured by ‘essie’ (yes, I googled it).

May the Lord allow us to see ourselves as magnificently beautiful in his eyes.

8 thoughts on “Prayer and Press-on Nails

  1. I keep my nails short too. We used to work with ceramics, but I’ve always worked with my hands a lot, so my nails get dirty quite often. I’m obssesive about cleaning my nails if I don’t keep them short. Plus, I have thin nails, so they inevitably catch on something and tare if I don’t keep them short.

    It’s never bothered me to have short nails, but I remember one gal who felt sorry for me because my nails were short. I don’t see the big deal. At least my nails are clean!

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  2. My nails are always short too. I cannot imagine doing all I have to do with long or fake nails. And honestly short and neat is prettier to me.
    Loved reading this, I felt I was there wit you at the store 😊.


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