If Gold Rust…

Clergy abuse is nothing new. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote about it in the 14th Century, observing ” If gold rust, then what shall iron do? For if a priest be foul, no wonder that common man should rust .”

Two priests were suspended, and under police investigation in our area in 2014. They then disappeared. Unfortunately, his Excellency the Bishop told us nothing, and people found out about the investigation in the media ! His Excellency told us it was none of our business. None of our business?

We , the parishioners , were paying for the priests’ hydro and food bills.

Rural Newfoundlanders are amongst the kindest, humblest and warm-hearted people anywhere, and they felt they had no right to question his Excellency.

I however, am a person ” from away” , from Ontario, and I questioned why the clergy suddenly fled.

It seems that even in retirement, we still retain the interests we enjoyed during our professional lives, and so, as a Sociologist, I searched, sleuthed, and investigated the priests. After five years, I made contact with the Bishop in the Philippines, who sent us one of the priests who vanished. I am happy he was honest with me , and said that he has no idea where that priest currently is !

The clergy abuse scandal is continuing to escalate.

The purification process of the Church is underway.

The photo is of crozier, carried by a Bishop.

5 thoughts on “If Gold Rust…

  1. You have a sweet way of writing in the moment Sally. I have come to see that there is a huge chasm between what God calls “church,” and what we humans call it. The fire of purification separates the two, so that they will no longer be mixed.

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