The Wasing of the Feet

Do you agree with me that it is very important to proofread, edit, and preview a post before publishing it ? Letters are powerful, and just one changed letter can change goal to goat, food to fool, and money to honey. An omitted letter can turn read to red.

I was alarmed when I read in the church bulletin that we were going to have : “The Wasing of the Feet” at the next Mass. My instructions in Catholicism had been very brief, and Fr. Joseph had not mentioned anything about foot wasing

I confided in Veronica, who told me that there had been a typographical error in the bulletin, and we were actually having “The Washing of the Feet.” This is a ceremony which takes place on the Thursday Mass before Easter. The priest washes the feet of twelve parishioners who are chosen to represent Christ’s disciples. This is to remind us of the humility Jesus showed when He, as Divine Servant, washed the feet of his disciples on the night He was betrayed.

Let us ask for the grace to be careful with letters and words. The Bible is God’s Word to us, and Jesus came as The Word Made Flesh.

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