Miss Scott

The man ( or woman ) is richest, whose pleasures are the cheapest, said Henry David Thoreau. Thus we can all become exceedingly “rich ” by enjoying the beauty of God’s creation.

Scott the seagull appeared on our rocks in April, 2017. The sea ice was still in the bay that year, and ‘he’ looked so hungry ! We fed Scott a nutritious diet- bits of cod, salmon, and occasionally, sardines in an ice cream cone. Scott returned to our house three times a day that year, flew away in the fall, and returned in April, 2018. This year Scott is back for the third season ! I enjoy Scott so much. However, I did some research , and found that we were wrong to assume that Scott was a “he”. Male seagulls have dark grey wings, while Scott’s are light. Thus, we have given our bird buddy a new name; she is ‘Miss Scott’. May God grant us more opportunities to enjoy the beauties of his creation.

( Miss Scott is shy about having her picture taken, but this photo by Phil Botha, on Unsplash, shows what Miss Scott looks like )

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