A Bizarre Crime in NL

Police were baffled, when earlier this year, 30,000 litres of water were stolen from a local warehouse.

This was special water, from icebergs harvested off the coast of NL. The owner of the warehouse had intended the purest water in the world to be used in manufacturing his product : ‘Iceberg Vodka ‘.

Police had several leads in the case, but they all ran dry. The CEO of the company assured the media that the water was insured.

Harvested and melted icebergs are also used here to produce super pure drinking water. Yes, the plastic bottles are always problematic, but here in Newfoundland, we get paid to recycle !

2 thoughts on “A Bizarre Crime in NL

  1. Insured water. Who would have ever thought! Or even drinking water out of a plastic bottle which contaminates the water? We don’t REALLY get paid to recycle. We pay 8 cents at the cashier for every thing that is recycled and get 5 cents back IF we recycle but most of it still ends up in the landfill. It is an added tax so to speak. NO?

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