Gambling and Patience

Are you a patient person ? Living in rural Newfoundland helps people to become patient, since we are often required to wait for things.

No one enjoys waiting, since waiting is a form of suffering, but it is through times of waiting that God develops the virtue of patience in us.

My patience grows every time I visit the local pharmacy. Since we are an outport community, this multipurpose store also carries a selection of jewellry, pet supplies, and a huge variety of junk food. I stop in to stock up on paper towels, which are always on special here; my husband comments often on my frugality.

Lottery tickets are very popular as well, especially break open tickets, which have coloured fruits on them. Since they have no barcodes, customers must open them at the place of purchase. Thus, the waiting time to check out at the pharmacy is very long, since people spend lots of time choosing their tickets and then opening them to see if they have been lucky.

Standing in the long line-ups gives me a chance to pray for people suffering from addictions. Gambling and other addictions are problematic for many Newfoundlanders.

The Lord knows that we need many opportunities to develop patience and forbearance as we continue on our earthly pilgrimages. He will create waiting opportunities that are tailor-made for each of his children.

One thought on “Gambling and Patience

  1. Sometimes I think that patience is less a virtue than a miracle. However, now at my age the only time I get in a rush is to hurry to get out of the way of the maddening crowd, before they run me over. 😊


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