Christians and Etiquette

Christians should be known for their politeness and good manners. Probably your parents stressed the importance of proper decorum and social skills as much as mine did.

Therefore, you can appreciate my shock when Fr. Jose told his congregation, from the pulpit, that he did not want to be invited to dinner by anyone ! He explained that he disliked Newfoundland food, and found it much too bland. Turnip, he said, was his least favourite food.

I looked around the church to see that my fellow housewives looked as dismayed as I felt. We are a hospitable group, and love to make others feel welcome ! We express our love through food.

Yes, generally the traditional diet has been bland here. God did not bless our spectacular island with much good topsoil. Thus, mainly root vegetables, carrots, potatoes, beets and turnips , along with fish , formed the mainstay of the traditional diet, along with salt beef, local berries , and home-made bread.

Exotic spices are not available in rural outports, but our store stocks lots of Savoury, grown here on the island.

However, despite Fr. Jose, who declined our hospitality, my husband and I continue to invite others for tea by the sea.

One thought on “Christians and Etiquette

  1. Unimaginable! To reject hospitality even before it’s offered, with an air of superiority. Haughty eyes the Lord does not bless.


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