Very Sneaky Indeed

Should Christians be involved with politics ? Absolutely ! Perhaps we think we would rather pay attention to ‘spiritual’ issues, but in doing so, we often find that laws are in put in place making our countries even more secular. We need to pay attention, and speak up !

I watch our governing body, The House of Assembly, on live webcast. Last year, a politician proposed that our province’s Coat of Arms should be changed ! It seems that he was upset that the animal on our Coat of Arms is an elk ! Newfoundland has no elks. Therefore, he maintained that a Caribou should be placed on the emblem. There are Caribou here.

However, this was just a sneaky way of trying to introduce legislation that would also remove the Christian cross from our provincial symbol. And, since our province is multicultural now, it was proposed that we also remove our motto, which is in Latin, but which translates into the Lord’s words from Matthew 6 :33, Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.

What did I do about this ? I complained loudly, wrote letters, and invited other Christians to voice their objections too.

It seems that our voices were heard, since there was no further discussion on the issue. So, for now at least, we are still a province guided by divine wisdom ; Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God.

(NL Coat of Arms from Wikipedia)

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