A Housewife’s Stress on Sunny Days

On cloudy days, I am convinced that my house is immaculate. However, on sunny days, I realize that this thinking is not quite accurate.

When the bright sunshine comes streaming in through our large windows facing the sea, I see dust and smudges that I never notice on overcast days. Then I step up my housecleaning efforts, using a variety of natural cleaning products . Even then, however, I know that there is still dust lurking somewhere.

Similarly, when the Holy Spirit shines his light of conviction into our hearts, our consciences alert us to areas of sin in our lives. Jesus is continually inviting us into closer relationship with Him, and as we voluntarily turn away from thoughts and activities that displease Him, our relationship deepens, and our prayers become more effective.

Recently He has been reminding me that I was jealous that my friend Linda spent the winter in Florida while I shivered, that it is not a good idea to eat home-made chocolate cupcakes for breakfast, and that my vanity is on display when I spend time on YouTube looking at make-up tips for older women.

Jesus loves us, knows that we are frail, and that we will never reach full perfection in this life, but He appreciates our efforts to acknowledge our areas of sin and weakness.With his grace, we are able to lead lives that are pleasing to Him and to others.

Photo Credit : The Good Soul – Unsplash

3 thoughts on “A Housewife’s Stress on Sunny Days

  1. 1John 1:9 is a Scripture verse that I memorized when I was a new believer and I still love. “If we confess/acknowledge our sins, He is faithful and just/righteous and will forgive our sins and purify/cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” Repentance is wonderful, internal housecleaning. We don’t want those yukkie pukkies taking up space in our temples and blocking communication with God, self and others. Repentance is true humility.


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