How To Talk So That No One Will Listen

Newfoundland is having an election this week !

I’m not a T.V. watcher, but I follow political webcasts sometimes. Thus, I have compiled a list on how to be an ineffective speaker.

  1. Use the word ‘I’ a lot. This will display that you are suffering from ‘i- itis’, or inflammation of the ego.You will thus display that you are mainly concerned with yourself.
  2. Be excessively wordy. Use long sentences, and excessive detail. People’s attention spans are very short these days, but ramble on anyways.
  3. Repeat yourself often, to make a point. This is sure to irritate people.
  4. Never answer a question directly. Jesus said, let your yes, be yes, and your no, be no, but ignore this advice ! Using many words shows sophistication.
  5. Use aggressive body language. Point your finger at others to make a point. Finger pointing is a gesture that is disliked in most cultures.
  6. Interrupt others whenever you can. This shows that you are not interested in what they have to say. Others will reciprocate, by not listening to you either.
  7. Raise your voice often. The louder you speak, the more others will tune you out.
  8. Mumble ( this is a special tip for Newfoundlanders. )
  9. Use colloquialisms, such as ‘pie in the sky’, or ‘beating around the bush’ often. This will make your words more confusing.
  10. Blame others often ,and never take responsibility for your actions.

Photo Credit : Tyler Callahan, Unsplash

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