Why Does Joan Attend Mass ?

Joan sits near the front of the church during Mass. From this position, she is unaware that the rest of the building, behind her, is mainly empty. She was aware that our previous priest was under police investigation, and disappeared without an explanation being given, but, that is apparently O.K. with her.

She has admitted that she cannot understand the accent of our current priest, from Africa, but that does not stop her from attending Mass.

When the church’s organ broke down , a parishioner purchased a new one at a yard sale for twenty dollars. It was a bargain, because it has no volume control, and when it is played during Mass, the volume is deafening. Joan does not appear to mind this.

Many seniors develop problems with balance , and possible falls can be traumatic. However, Joan says nothing when she sees that the entrance of the church is obstructed with the previous broken organ, a rusty shovel, a large bag of salt, and four expired fire extinguishers.

Joan is unaware that our Diocese is now facing a lawsuit, due to the actions of the priest who disappeared. The victim’s family mercifully chose to keep that information out of the hands of the media.

I wish that my faith in the Catholic Church was as strong as Joan’s, so that I could continue to attend Mass. However, Joan is a cradle Catholic, while I am a convert, and yes, all the scandal and cover-ups have overwhelmed me. I am not a lapsed Catholic ; I am, as someone else has said, a ‘collapsed’ Catholic.

However, I know that Joan prays for me to return to Mass. I sincerely appreciate her prayers, and I leave the matter of the Church in God’s hands.

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