Ministry of Court Observing

Jesus tells us in The Great Commandment to love God, and to love our neighbours.

I serve my neighbours in my volunteer role as Court Observer. When criminal court is in session in town, I attend court and sit in my spot facing the judge. I even wear a little badge ! I have also come to pray. The nature of intercessory prayer is to pray for others. I pray, silently of course, so as not to scare anyone, for everyone who has come to court that day. I pray for the accused, who have gotten themselves into trouble usually as the result of poor choices resulting from alcoholism or substance abuse.

I pray for the lawyers, who seem stressed, rushed, and confused, and I pray for wisdom for the judge.

It is a sobering experience, sitting in court, knowing that all of us in the room will one day face judgement by a much greater and powerful Judge.

I also note and record anything that seems questionable. For example, on the last court day, the judge was not able to appear in court. The courthouse is a historic building, and does not have a polycom video-conferencing system.

Therefore, I did not see a judge, or an image of a judge, only a voice over the speaker phone. I observed a man being sentenced by the judge over the telephone. This seemed a bit strange, even for Newfoundland, and so I asked for that situation to be investigated.

Let us ask the Lord for continued opportunities to serve our neighbours.

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