A Dog at Church

I sat quietly in the pew, waiting for Mass to start. It had only been a few weeks since my conversion to Catholicism, and I wasn’t sure whether I had made the right decision.

Then, I saw a dog enter the church ! It was being carried under the arm of a tourist to our town. The dog was white, and wooly, and looked like a little lamb. His owner had brought him into the church because it was a very hot day, and she could not let him stay in the car.

I was very keen to see what the priest would say, as I was sure that the fastidious Pastor, at the Baptist church I had just left , would have insisted that the dog could not stay for church. However, the priest smiled warmly and welcomed the pup and the nice tourist lady.

During the Mass, I watched people’s reaction to the dog, who sat very quietly and obediently. Some people were happy to see the doggie, while others gave the owner a frosty stare of disapproval. I asked myself, what would God say ?

I remembered that ‘The Church’ is made of individual believers, who are referred to in I Peter 2:4, as ‘living stones’. While church buildings are sacred spaces, of course, The Church , Christ’s Bride, is made of millions of individual believers. It is a spiritual house.

God also reminded me that Jesus was born in a manger, surrounded by animals, his innocent creatures.

I think that God smiled to see the dog at church.

(photo credit Matt Briney, Unsplash)

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