A Fine White Powder

I take my housecleaning duties very seriously. Therefore, when we moved to the seaside, I was alarmed to find a fine white powder accumulating on my window sills facing the ocean. R.J. , my ever funny husband, told me to relax, as this was salt.

Salt ! The air is so salty here that some of it gravitates inside the house.

A local company takes advantage of our environment by collecting ocean water, causing it to evaporate, and marketing the sea salt that remains.

In Matthew 5:13, Jesus tells his followers that we are the salt of the earth. Just as salt acts as a preservative, Christians are asked to help preserve God’s values in a world that is growing increasingly hostile to Him.

And, as salt is a flavouring, we are asked to bring the flavour of Christ, his love and compassion, to a world that is in such pain. Let us ask God for the grace to keep on being salty Christians.

One thought on “A Fine White Powder

  1. Hi Sally,
    I am a new subscriber to your blog (I think it was reciprocated, thank you) and this is the first post I’ve read today. It’s right to the point, and uses a fresh example of something taught to you of Father. I like that. 🙂 I also like how you brought out that salt is “His love, and compassion.” Have you noticed that “salt” is often interpreted as our moral values, which translates as the “letter of the law?” In my experience, this has sadly created a monster of judgmental Christianity, which is not at all bringing the flavor of Christ to a broken world. :-/


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