Fr. Matthew and the Woman Who Butted In Line

Veronica, my fellow housewife, and I stood in a long, long line-up, in Jerusalem. We were inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, waiting for our turn to enter the tomb of our Lord, which is within that church structure. Fr. Matthew stood in front of Veronica.

I looked behind me for a brief time, amazed at the huge number of pilgrims that had come from every nation to visit the tomb. Because, I had not guarded my position for a minute, a woman had butted in line in front of me ! I was too polite to tell her to get out of line, after all, this was the tomb of Jesus we were visiting. However, Fr. Matthew saw what the rude woman had done, and he scowled at her.

The tomb closed for visitors at 6:00 p.m. each day, and suddenly it was 10 minutes before closing !

The priest caretakers announced that only the next three pilgrims would be allowed in, that would be :

Father Matthew, Veronica, and….the woman who had butted in front of me. Father saw the injustice of this situation. He pushed the rude woman out of the way, put his arm around me, and pulled me into the tomb. He, Veronica and I were the last visitors of the day to enjoy the unsurpassed peace and tranquility within the tomb of Christ. Thank-you Fr. Matthew, for being a good shepherd.

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