They call us “Newfies”

We folks in Newfoundland are sometimes called

“Newfies”. We do not like that term . It is derogatory, and it implies that we are very naive, or that we are

” intellectually challenged “. Have I ever behaved in a way that might label me as a Newfie ? Why yes, I have ! There was , for example, the time that Fr. Jose arrived a half hour late for Mass, and I said nothing, because he was always late. It was the day he gave his homily about his days in the seminary in his Asian country of origin. His face shone with obvious pleasure as he told us about the time he led a group of his fellow students on an escape from the seminary to a local pub. There, they all got drunk, the Father told us, and he danced on the tables !

Perhaps he was trying to build rapport with us, since many rural Newfoundlanders enjoy dancing too.

Why didn’t I speak up ? Well, as a retired Sociologist , I have some insight into my behaviour. Because no one else spoke up, I was under peer pressure to stay silent as well. Individuals are influenced by the groups they are in.

I have now learned my lesson, I think. I often pray that God gives me wisdom, since He promises, in

James 1:5 to grant wisdom to all who ask for it. I ask for the grace not to perpetuate the negative stereotype of the Newfie.

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