I Should Have Kept Silent, They Say

Who would have thought that I, a humble housewife by the sea, would receive criticism for writing this obscure little blog !

The fault-finding has come from former parishioners, who endured clergy abuse and cover-up, as I did, but who resent the fact that I chose to speak about it !

My critics claim that I should never have exposed what went on here, in a isolated Catholic Parish in Newfoundland. Sadly, Newfoundland has experienced much priest betrayal ; many people are familiar with the tragedy of the Mt. Cashel Orphanage.

However, it is best to speak up, for the phenomenon of clergy abuse has been world-wide, and it cannot be hidden. The Holy Spirit is bringing many things to light that should be exposed. Christians are people of light; light shines in the darkness.

So, I spent today mainly in my room overlooking the North Atlantic, thankful, that by the wonder of Facebook Messenger, I have been able to contact the Asian Bishop who sent us one of the priests who disappeared, without a word of explanation to the parishioners. I’m waiting to hear back from his Excellency.

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