Recovery From Clergy Abuse

We have started recovering from the clergy abuse we experienced almost five years ago.

Yesterday, my husband and I were able to attend church, not a Catholic Church, but rather a warm and friendly congregation where we can celebrate our faith in Christ , the victory of his Resurrection, and his unconditional love for all of us.

We were reminded, during the events of Holy Week, that Jesus fully understands betrayal, and He longs to comfort and heal those people who have been so wounded by clergy.

Pope Francis has clearly identified clericalism as one of the factors in the perpetuation of abuse by clergy.

Through clericalism, an unhealthy climate is created within the church , which wrongly maintains that the clergy are far superior to the laity. The laity have contributed to clericalism by fawning over the clergy, and never questioning them, even when their behaviour is suspicious. I saw this in our Parish, when our priest became increasingly bold in his misbehaviour, by inviting teenage boys to the rectory for sleepovers. No one said anything, and disaster soon followed.

I have learned, through this tragic experience, to place all of my trust in one priest only, that is Jesus, our Great High Priest.

May our Lord grant peace and healing to everyone who has been victimized by clergy abuse.

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