How is Your Laugh Life ?

Do you have certain people in your life with whom you love to laugh ? Such individuals are God’s special gift to us.

This week R.J. and I are celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary. The laughter we have shared has made us more resiliant to life’s stressors.

When we went on our honeymoon, we flew to Nassau, and then on to Eleuthera, in a tiny , bumpy propeller plane. I was frightened, but R.J. was laughing, and suggested that I do the same.

A merry heart is indeed good medicine. Jesus asks his followers to rejoice !

One thought on “How is Your Laugh Life ?

  1. You are a beautiful bride. Wow! Roger was smitten!!! Congratulations on 44 years of married life. Having 48 under our belt, we know sometimes it is a struggle but anything good is worth struggling for. Now where in the world is Nassau and Eleuthera? Who was flying that tiny, bumpy propeller plane? Not Roger I hope!


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