Anti-ageing Tip from Newfoundland

Do you know what you can put on your face to make you look 10 years younger ? A smile !

A grumpy Christian is a contradiction in terms. As we grow closer to the Lord, our joy and our peace grow. I always smile at people, and they smile back. Happiness slows the ageing process a lot !

However, this only seems to work in rural NL, for we are a friendly group ! When I return to Toronto, I notice that people usually don’t look at each other, and they certainly don’t smile. I think that that is the reason why so many Newfoundlanders working “away”, long to return home to our peaceful friendly island.

Last January, I took my first and only “selfie” to post on this blog. It is slightly off centre, but it is me, at age 68. Why be coy about our age ? Every day is God’s gift to us. Let us thank Him for length of days .

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