My Love, My Darling, and My Duckie

Jiggs Dinner has been a Newfoundland Sunday favourite for centuries. The first Sunday we were on this beautiful island, we went into a charming restaurant to enjoy this feast.

The lovely server put the meal in front of my husband and said : ‘ Here you are, my love ! ‘

I was alarmed that an attractive young woman had called my husband her ‘love’ , but we soon learned that this is the rural Newfoundland way. Everyone calls friends , family, and strangers alike, ‘ my, dear, my darling, my love, my angel, or my duckie. ‘

We like those terms of endearment, it is part of the charm and friendliness of rural Newfoundlanders !

We have a young neighbour who is visiting Ontario for the first time this summer. We have given him strict instructions not to call any strange women ‘my love, my darling, or my duckie’ .We explained that he could get himself in trouble for doing this.

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