Joe Goes Beserk

Are you able to express your righteous anger assertively ? I hope that you are not like Joe, who used an ineffective form of anger mismanagement called ” Bottle and Blow “.

Joe used to sit across the aisle from me at Mass. When I noticed him missing for three weeks, I asked his neighbour, Bill, where he was. ” Oh “, said Bill, “Joe went beserk”. He elaborated. Apparently Joe had been very upset when two priests disappeared from our Diocese, and no one was told why. Joe suppressed his anger, he bottled it, kept it all stuffed down , until one day he confronted the presiding priest after Mass. He yelled and screamed at the priest and demanded to know what the cover-up was about. The presiding priest was astonished ! He was a visiting clergyman from B.C., who had no idea why Joe went berserk. Joe left the parish, and did not return.

Let’s all learn a lesson from Joe,

Handle your anger assertively,

Do not ” Bottle and Blow”.

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