Trusting Your Feelings

Have you ever ignored your “gut feelings”, and then found out later that you should have listened to them ? The gut and the brain are linked, through the enteric nervous system.

I should have listened to my intuition, my gut feelings, when Fr. Jose sometimes based his sermons on how much he enjoyed watching the T. V. program, “Dancing With the Stars” !

Something was definitely wrong here. I should have spoken up immediately. Should the clergy be fascinated with such a program ? I looked around at my fellow parishioners, but they were in their usual half – asleep position. So I said nothing, and a few years later, disaster resulted. I have learned to rely much more on my gut feelings. Jesus tells us to sit up, stand up, and speak up ! Jesus demonstrated an assertive way of speaking and acting. Let us follow our Lord’s example.

One thought on “Trusting Your Feelings

  1. And the church tells us to shut up, government does as well, or there is a price to pay. If you want to know who controls you, speak up.


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