The Bishop Yelled at Us

The Bishop was coming to our little church ! On Sept. 23, 2017, we celebrated our 150th Anniversary. The parishioners had planned a Mass with the Bishop, a dinner, and a dance.

We joined the reception line outside the church after the Mass. We asked his Excellency if he could come back inside the church to speak to us privately. He said, no, he could not. He was expected at the reception, and did not want his dinner to get cold.

My husband, R.J., a former football player, convinced his Excellency to come back inside the church. Then, we asked him, very politely, why two priests had disappeared from our Diocese, and the parishioners had not been told why. He remained silent for a moment, and then he yelled :

“Do you want me to show them the police report ? “

With this, the Bishop left the church. He shouldn’t have worried, however; about his dinner getting cold. On the menu for the celebration was a Newfoundland speciality, a Cold Plate.

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